How To Get More Views On Instagram Stories

We have discussed some amazing strategies or methods that will surely help you get more views on Instagram Stories and grow your Instagram account.

Create Different Type Of Content
An Editorial Calendar is a must to schedule your stories. It will help the users to know the exact time to expect a story from you. Consistency is a must in Instagram Stories because it will consistently help you get more views on Instagram Stories.

Use Stickers to Engage the Audience
Using stickers and engaging the audience is a must because only posting the videos and posts doesn't help you get more views on Instagram stories. Stickers make the design of the stories and make your stories attractive than simple stories.

Publish Pools and Announce Results
Publishing pools are the best feature of Instagram to run battle. It makes the users crucial to know the result of the battle. According to research, it was noticed that the stories on which the pools are getting more views than the stories which don't have pools in them. After the pools also mention the result time and date and publish the result even at the respective time. This thing is enjoyable to the audience very much.

Qna In the Stories
Ask your audience to ask their doubts about your stories. This method will surely help you gain followers and get more views on your Instagram Stories. Please reply with the answers to the questions that the peoples have asked to leave a great impression.

Emoji SliderThis is another great feature by Instagram to use in Instagram Stories. This is an awesome feature to get a quick response from your audience.

Create Limited Time Deals
This is the best to get more views on Instagram Stories Fastly and free of cost. The discounts and offers or giveaways on your products can be posted in your Instagram Stories with a limited timer sticker. This will also help you get more sales in your business fast because due to the timer, the audience thinks it is for a limited time and should get the benefit as soon as possible.

How To Get More Views On Instagram Videos

The below methods will help you to get more views on the Instagram Videos fastly.

Focus On Instagram Video Marketing
The main reason people are searching for video views is to get known by the brand name to the peoples. Instagram is the best place to be discovered. According to research, it has been found that the user who wants to buy something first sees the social media profile of the particular brand name, and Instagram videos are the most useful in that manner than the photos and other media. So focusing on Instagram Video marketing is a must for growing your business and brand.

Use The Right Dimensions For Your Instagram Video
Many of the peoples don't know about the Instagram Video dimensions. Still, it matters a lot in getting Instagram Video Views because there is no use of the Video where the things are not properly visible. There are three types of dimensions in the Instagram Videos to get more views. The dimensions are Square, Vertical, and Landscape. Square and Vertical dimensions are best to get more views on the Instagram Videos and surely.

The size of the dimensions are:
1. Vertical Dimension - 1080*1920 proportion and 9:16 aspect ratio
2. Landscape Dimension - 1280*720 proportion and 16:9 aspect ratio
3. Square Dimension - 1080*1080 proportion and 1:1 aspect ratio

Use The Best Time to Post Videos
If you do not post the videos at the right time, then most of the audience will never check them Because they are free at a particular time. This is the easiest method to get more views on Instagram Videos fast and free of cost. According to research, the best time for posting the videos is 10 AM to 5PM because the peoples are checking their accounts usually in between this time when they are at lunchbreak or check their phone for the refreshment.

Use Related Hashtags
Using the related hashtags to the Video is just like defining the category of the Video. This is to be done because the users will find your videos easily in the category they are searching for.

How To Get More Instagram IGTV Views

We had many strategies which will help you to get more Instagram IGTV Views. They are shared below.

Share Your IGTV Videos On Stories
Sharing your IGTV Videos on your stories helps you a lot to get more views on Instagram IGTV Videos. This is because we inform our audience that the new Video is posted on the IGTV and check that. The only exception is that you don't have to shop for the Video; instead, hide the Video to make curiosity in peoples' minds.

Mention In The Instagram Live
Sometimes your IGTV Videos are lost in the other accounts because if they follow too many accounts. The solution for this is Instagram Live. Mention your latest IGTV Videos in the Instagram live so that it helps you to get more views on Instagram IGTV videos.

Use an Eye Catchy Thumnail
Nobody will click on the Video whose thumbnail is simple and ordinary. So, use the attractive and eye-catchy thumbnail so that it helps you to get more IGTV Videos Views.

Stay up to date with the trens
Staying up to date with the time or trend is a must because nobody likes the old-fashioned trend. Like if you are using the old songs, then they might not be enjoyed by everyone. Instead of the old and dull songs, try to put new and latest songs in your videos so that people like the videos very much and share them in their stories.

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